Business Management Principles from George Palmatier

I have been extremely fortunate over my career to have been able to learn from a number of executives, managers, professors, fellow associates, authors and laymen alike. Below, I have attempted to capture some of the many principles that have been shared with me. I make no claim to authorship of the individual principles, and indeed I have attempted to give credit when I know the original source. I claim only to have captured them to share with my friends and clients.

I have used what I call the "Mark Twain approach" to each of the principles. After writing a long letter to a friend, in the last paragraph of the letter Mr. Clemens wrote, "I am sorry to have written such a long letter, I did not have enough time to write a short one." I have attempted to keep each principle short, addressing the core issue while not missing its intent. I hope you find that I have been successful in this endeavor.

Business Management Principles

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