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George Palmatier

S&OP Expert George PalmatierHello, my name is George Palmatier. Welcome! Hopefully you will find my website of interest and a resource to draw upon regularly.

The objective of this website is to assist my clients, individuals and companies by providing a quick place to go for specific information regarding integrated management processes. I have spent over 30 years helping companies implement and operate integrated Sales and Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning.

This website is not meant to be a substitute for the more comprehensive Oliver Wight website, but simply an easy place for me to share items of interest that I think may be of value to my clients.

Integrated Business Planning
(Advanced Sales & Operations Planning)

Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning Book

recent book!

Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning book

Here is an excerpt of the Forward
written by Torkel Rhenman,
Chief Executive Officer, Lhoist Group

"... Why I like this book on Integrated Business Planning is that it

  • distinguishes the difference between Sales and Operations Planning and Integrated Business Planning.
  • explains the integration of product portfolio management and financial planning and management.
  • explains the structure of Integrated Business Planning in a way that is logical and easy to understand...."

Read the entire Forward by clicking here.

Integrated Business Planning Principles, white papers, and other resources

This site includes information and access to the books, articles and white papers I have authored, or co-authored. Additionally, it contains access to an on-going series of management principles that I have garnered from many sources over my 30 years of teaching, coaching, mentoring and helping clients transform the way they manage their business… or perhaps, more appropriately stated, helping clients change the way they think about managing their business.

I will provide updates to The Principles at least weekly and will also provide commentary on a variety of subjects as the spirit moves me… perhaps not daily but frequently.


George Palmatier

Business Management Principles

I have been extremely fortunate over my career to have been able to learn from a number of executives, managers, professors, fellow associates, authors and laymen alike. I have attempted to capture some of the many principles that have been shared with me and I will be including them in the Principles section of this website. I make no claim to authorship of the individual principles, and indeed I have attempted to give credit when I know the original source. I claim only to have captured them to share with my friends and clients.

I have used what I call the "Mark Twain approach" to each of the principles. After writing a long letter to a friend, in the last paragraph of the letter Mr. Clemens wrote, "I am sorry to have written such a long letter, I did not have enough time to write a short one." I have attempted to keep each principle short, addressing the core issue while not missing its intent. I hope you find that I have been successful in this endeavor. Here is Principle #1:

business management principle

See all Principles published to date by clicking here.

A short biography of George Palmatier

George Palmatier short bioGeorge Palmatier has assisted many companies that make everything from soup to satellites in implementing integrated management processes. He is recognized as an expert on Sales & Operations Planning, Integrated Business Planning and Demand Management as well as ERP, Integrated Supply Chain Management and Product Development (IPD). George works with clients to formalize and assimilate their strategic plans into a unified business management process, Integrated Business Planning. With twenty years of experience in sales, marketing, strategic planning, and general management, George has a thorough knowledge of how to achieve sustained results improving business performance. During his 11 years as vice-president of sales and marketing at Bently Nevada Corporation (now part of General Electric), George was responsible for bringing the sales and marketing departments into a well-orchestrated business management process. Bently Nevada was one of the pioneers in developing and implementing Sales & Operations Planning using it as a truly integrated management process. George has authored or co-authored four books: The Marketing Edge, Enterprise Sales and Operations Planning, and Demand Management Best Practices and just published is the Transition from Sales and Operations Planning to Integrated Business Planning book.